Solitude vivifies;

Isolation kills.

- Joseph Roux

You create

your own reality.

- Jane Roberts

Everything you can

Imagine is real.

- Pablo Picasso

“Everyone needs at least one friend who understands what we dont say.'


Welcome to the MadIntrovert family! I am here to share my voice and journey with you.

Being Introverted makes it hard to be yourself around people, no matter how bad you want to. I've created this blog to reach out to all the wondering souls looking for a safe place.

Read my stories to get to know me and maybe even discover things about yourself.
Don't be scared to Chat and vent we are here to help.



Your mindset determine your reality. For a long time In a constant stat of depression and anxiety. I was so deep in it that every year on my birthday I thank GOD that made it through Those specific times. I truly believe with the rest support anyone can get through anything .



When mental health is present in someones life taking care of your body becomes lot harder than it is for the regular person. My personal struggle have been that I am constantly underweight , lets just say that when anxiety is present food isn't.



Our soul is who we truly are. We are here to encourage self discovery and connecting with your true self.

Suggestions to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Sorting out our thoughts by writing them down offers clarity. Especially when you just let the words flow out. This allows us to express how we FEEL and not how we THINK.



Yoga is a great way to exercise and meditated at the same time. Yoga is know to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Holds the power to relieve body stiffness, and back pain. Serves as a grerat natural energy and mood booster.
Tiddy up

Tiddy up

There is already so much clutter in our minds so we must takes control of the things that we have power over. Our immediate environmment is important because no matter how chaotic the outside world may get atleast you will have a safe and CLEAN santuary.


Reading can help you escape to another world while benefiting you in enormous ways. It is known to lower blood pressure, and heart rate; while fighting symptoms of depression. Even if its for 15 minutes a day.. READ

Audio books are a great alternative if you don't enjoy the patience reading requires.

Go Outside

Go Outside

Take a walk. Sit out on your steps for 30 minutes. To each thier own but do outside. Connecting with earth with open your mind, allowing you to finally feel bigger than your problems.